Young Thug, god of drip, just bumped this week up from vaguely tolerable to actually enjoyable.

Late Tuesday night, Thugger hit Instagram with a Slime Language release date announcement. The new project, fittingly, will arrive on Thugger's 27th birthday, Aug. 16. For those not paying attention, that means we're getting a new full-length Young Thug project tomorrow (!!!)

As others have already noted, the new project thankfully promises at least once instance of Lil Uzi Vert:

Thug's most recent solo full-length project was last year's Beautiful Thugger Girls, featuring the all-timer "Family Don't Matter" and the Bright Eyes-nodding "Me or Us." In October, he linked with Future for Super Slimey. In the months since, he's dropped an EP and teased additional Slime-related works-in-progress, including several apparent studio sessions with Travis Barker.

Slime Language, however, didn't start to feel truly imminent until Thugger's team sent out a bunch of actual snakes to various music publications' offices with the final tracklist. As snakes are basically just lizards without limbs and are embarrassingly incapable of communicating with humans, we weren't able to get any scoop out of the Complex office snake, aptly named Eww.