Yesterday Wiz Khalifa reminded fans that he’s a total dad, posting a photo of him and his son Sebastian waiting for the bus on Bash's first day of kindergarten.

Some haters with little to do made a point to criticize Wiz for letting Bash ride the school bus, but the Rolling Papers rapper quickly shut those people down by reminding everyone that his son is just a kid, and wants to have regular kid experiences like everyone else.  

“All y’all people asking why I would let my son ride the bus, cause I’m rich,” he said in a video post to his Instagram story. “Being rich don’t got nothing to do with a child’s experience. And he said he wanted to ride the bus with his friends, so let kids do what they want to do. Chill.”

This isn’t the first time people have found ways to question Wiz and Amber Rose’s co-parenting style. Sebastian, a child, was previously the target of hate for his love of Taylor Swift, which Rose shot down in a fury. She and Wiz later took Bash to meet Swift in person, giving the internet some of the most wholesome content of 2018.

No matter how you feel about Wiz, y’all need to leave that man’s son alone. When he’s not carrying on his daddy duties, he’s busy touring his Rolling Papers 2 project with Rae Sremmurd on their Dazed Blazed tour.