Anthony Agostino, aka Right-O, is back once again, this time with a collaboration with fellow Aussie Rore Groove and LA vocalist Mike City. "Can't Think" is out Aug 17 via Be Rich Records and it's a floor-filling epic.

Driven forward by a snarling, grizzled bass line and Mike City's hands-in-the-air vocals, "Can't Think" swaggers and thunders through the speakers. It builds on the balance of bassy tech-house and pop sensibilities that we enjoyed on January's "First Time", but there's an undeniably darker edge creeping in on this one. With any luck, both Aussies will continue to build on this sound with their next releases.

Of the collaboration, Right-O told us via email "Was a pleasure to work with my long time friend Rore Groove and get back to my roots writing darker deeper records. I can't wait for everyone to hear this."