Feeling like you're in a one-sided relationship is never for. You're putting in all the effort, committing yourself 100%, and you're getting nothing back. It's frustrating and painful, but fortunately for us, emerging singer-songwriter Lauren Faith has decided to do something productive with the pain. After co-writing a couple of tracks for Craig David with Kaytranada in 2015, they've finally created a track together all of their own. The lyrical content of "Just A Little" may not be the most optimistic in the world, but carried along by Kaytranada's bouncy, almost UK funky-sounding instrumental and it's transformed into something that's actually quite empowering — or at least reassuring.

"I first met Kaytranada about 4/5 years ago and had always been a fan of his work before," Faith explained to us via email. "I first worked with him back in 2015 where I co-wrote 'Got It Good' and 'Sink Or Swim'... both performed by Craig David and produced by Kay... after that, we stayed in touch. I went to a few of his shows around the world whilst I was recording in the same city which was a touch, his shows are always so much fun. K sent me this folder of beats (all of them were fire) and I picked the ones where my melodies and ideas couldn't stop flowing. The beat for 'Just A Little' stood out to me and I had so much fun writing to it."

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