Travis Scott and YG are back for more. Less than 24 hours after they dropped their respective ASTROWORLD and Stay Dangerous albums, the rappers appeared on Mustard’s latest banger called “Dangerous World.” See what he did there?

The track was posted on the hit-maker's official SoundCloud on Friday night via his 10 Summers Records label. You check it out below. 

Mustard produced eight of the 13 cuts on YG's Stay Dangerous album, including the first two singles “Suu Whoop” and “Big Bank.” It's unclear if “Dangerous World” was intended for the Compton rapper's latest project, or if it was recorded as a standalone.

The Los Angeles-bred DJ recently spoke to Billboard about collaborating with YG and how they were able to complete a big chunk of the album within seven days. 

“A lot of the songs we did in a one week span,” he said. “We did six songs a day and out of those four days in Atlanta, we got ‘Too Brazy,’ ‘10 Times,’ ‘Big Bank,’ all within a couple days in Atlanta earlier this year. We did most of the recording there [...] ‘10 Times’ is probably my favorite of all of them. It’s so hard for all males. That, to me, meant something, as far as what he was saying. People can really understand what's going on with [YG] right now.”