G Herbo and Southside recently linked up for a full-length collaborative album, and now they're revisiting the project with a video for "Pac n Dre." The Swervo highlight has been given the high-energy Damien Sandoval-directed video it deserves, offering Swervo an extra push.

Set in Miami, Florida, the video shows Herbo and Southside surrounded by lavish cars and gorgeous backdrops. Their collaborative album, Swervo, saw the two teaming up to great results, with Southside serving as the primary producer as well as joining Herbo for a few verses.

When Herbo appeared on Everyday Struggle recently, he spoke about the release and what it was like working with Southside. “It’s different, but it felt so good and natural, just ‘cause me and Southside got a relationship [that’s tight],” he explained. “He brings another side of artistry out that I can’t probably touch on my own […] He made me do that party, turn-it-up shit. He saw that in my early on, like, ‘You need to be able to do this, too. It’s the only way you’ll be able to capture the world.’ […] I’m always up for a challenge, so I’m gonna do it, however it come out. It just so happens that it came out good every time.”

Produced entirely by Southside with contributions from TM88, Swervo is available now.