Ever since Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, many have noted how the show's host seemingly left 'Ye speechless when he asked what makes him think Donald Trump "care[s] about black people or any people at all."

But two days later, Kanye says he wasn't speechless, he was thinking hard about the question he never got to answer. (Kimmel went to commercial break after giving 'Ye a few seconds to answer. When they returned, he spoke to 'Ye about his family.)

"On Jimmy Kimmel we had a great time having a dialogue. I’m reading that I was stumped by a question," read one of 'Ye's latest tweets. "Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn’t stumped. I wasn’t given a chance to answer the question."

He continued: "The question was so important I took time to think. And then I was hit with the let’s go to commercial break. That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation." But in the end it seems to be all good between 'Ye and Kimmel.

"I was so happy when I saw Jimmy walk out in the Yeezys," read another tweet. "That was an olive branch. He lead with love. I appreciate Jimmy and his team. You guys are Jedi’s. much love."

But rapper G-Eazy (and several tweeters) have pointed out that 'Ye could easily answer the question on Twitter. "We’re all still waiting on your answer, the floor is yours," read G-Eazy's tweet.

West hasn't responded to the criticism.