Yung Miami received an important lesson about the permanence of internet posts.

On Wednesday, the City Girls member issued an apology for years-old tweets that were recently unearthed. Followers mined through her timeline and discovered Yung Miami had made a slew of offensive statements regarding homosexuality and Haitians.

“Boy Oh Boy. If I Ever See Any Gay Shit In My Son Imma Beat That Bo So Baddd,” she tweeted back in 2013.

“Haitians Are Black Ugly and Cheesy Don't Matter What They Have On," another post from 2011 read.

After several people pointed these messages out, Yung Miami returned to social media to express her remorse. She penned a letter to her fans, insisting she “didn't mean any harm by saying those comments” and that she now realizes how insensitive they were.

“My deepest apologies and heart goes out to those who have that that tweet and were offended by that. The City Girls appreciate all of their support no matter what their sexuality is,” she wrote. “The comments I made about Haitians I was wrong and immature to even let my opinion about an individual person be my opinion about an entire culture.

She concluded the letter with: “I love all my City Boys and City Girls PERIOD.”

You can read Yung Miami’s full statement below.