Three Ten Merchandising Services, the licensing company behind Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s On The Run II tour merch, has taken legal measures against bootleggers looking to sell fake items outside of their shows. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the company has obtained a restraining order against those selling fake tour gear outside of the couple’s upcoming show near Boston on August 5 at the Gillette Stadium. 

The documents show that the company asked for local authorities to be granted the right to immediately seize any bootlegged OTRII merch on the spot. This is a measure intended to prevent the company from being forced to file separate civil lawsuits against the offenders, which would add up to an estimated $450,000 in legal fees. The company won the restraining order, since it argued that the merchandise has already been made, and this is the only way to stop it from being sold. 

The documents also nodded at other high-profile artists who have successfully obtained similar orders across the country. These artists include P!nk, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. 

Bey and Jay’s On The Run II tour started in Europe but recently began its second North American leg on July 25. The tour has already made stops in Cleveland, Landover, and Philadelphia but will continue to make its way across the country (with one Canadian stop) until the tour’s end on October 4. Some of the major cities the tour will hit in the next few months include Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Atlanta, and Houston. 

The tour has been momentous so far: It saw a few changes after the couple’s unexpected release of Everything Is Love and has been host to a group of high-profile guests: the Obamas