Safaree Samuels is not having the best 2018. Back in April, Nicki Minaj’s ex and former collaborator was robbed at gunpoint, resulting in the loss of an estimated $183,000 in jewelry and cash. But during last night’s performance at Dyckman courts in NYC, he may have lost something even more valuable: respect.

As HotNewHipHop points out, Samuels was trying to perform his song "Hunnid” when the crowd began to boo him off the court.

In videos of the incident, Safaree can barely be heard over crowd’s heckling. Eventually, he cuts the performance short to speak to his audience. “Hold on, let me tell you young n***as something. I fucked bitches y’all n***as dream about. I fucked bitches y’all n***as dream about,” he said into the mic. That only pissed off the crowd even more, and people began throwing trash and bottles at the rapper. Samuels quickly flicked off everyone as he exited the court.

Being boo’d off stage would put a dent in anyone’s self-esteem, but Safaree is still cashing checks from Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday, so he'll probably be alright.