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French Montana owes Waka Flocka's mom $2 million dollars.

Here's some context: Waka's mother is well-known hip-hop manager Debra Antney, CEO of Mizay Entertainment. Back in 2013, Antney filed a lawsuit against French Montana, a former client of hers, for doing deals behind her back and cheating her out of a 20 percent management fee.

Antney won the lawsuit in 2017, but Montana has yet to respond to the suit or pay the $1,999,588.41 he owes her. According to The Blast, Antney recently filed for a sister state judgment in Georgia, so she can collect the money in California. She reportedly won the judgement and will now be able to finally get the $2 million dollars from Montana.

Debra Antney and French Montana's professional relationship officially began back in 2010. At the time, he told XXL, "As far as management, she got it down pat. She got everything that I need, and I got everything that she need—as far as the East Coast market, the Tri-State. Deb’s never had nobody from the East Coast, besides Nicki [Minaj]."

He added, "That woman is like a label by herself. She just work. Being the person that I am, that I work just as hard as her, it’ll make it a whole lot easier."

During a 2013 interview with The Breakfast Club, Antney acknowledged that they had ongoing financial disagreements, but explained, "I love French. We ain't never not been cool. That's business."