A tropical storm named Chris is currently gaining momentum off the East Coast near the Carolinas. Multiple outlets, including the Associated Press and Weather.com, are now reporting that the storm is expected to turn into a hurricane by Monday.

While hurricanes are no doubt serious business, some Twitter users are finding some comedic gold in the unfortunate labeling of the third storm of 2018's hurricane season.

Eleven years ago, “A Bay Bay” peaked at No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 thanks to its catchy-af chorus and repetition of the song’s title. Now this tropical storm is reviving the 2007 hit single through an influx of jokes about Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris. 

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Some people are putting out their best weather-person impersonations, while others are simply in disbelief that there’s an actual storm dubbed Hurricane Chris. Check out a few of the best early reactions below. 

This meme is likely going to snowball if Tropical Storm Chris does evolve into Hurricane Chris tomorrow. Hopefully reports from AccuWeather.com are accurate and this “storm gets swept away from the Northeast at midweek,” so we can all indulge in this meme knowing everyone on the East Coast will remain safe and sound.