According to Kim Kardashian, the album cover art for Ye was created by Kanye West himself through his iPhone on the way to his listening party in Wyoming

Naturally, the cover art turned into a meme practically overnight.

Thanks to developer Tim Bauman and artist Yung Jake, it's now incredibly easy for you to get in on the meme-making action.

With the app Yenerator, you can "write whatever you feel like" in the lime-green text across the photo of mountains. You can then save the photo you created and try to get a viral meme of your own.

Ye is Kanye's first album since 2016's The Life of the Pablo. His eighth studio album premiered on Thursday night during a listening session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In the seven-track album, he made several references to mental illness, like in the opening track "I Thought About Killing You," with lines like, "Today I thought about killing you," and, "That’s my bipolar shit what/that’s not a disability that’s my superpower/I’m a superhero."