J. Cole famously called out both Wale and Kanye West on his 2016 non-album track "False Prophets," and it didn't take Wale all that long to respond. The two were, and still are, friends, so it was a difficult time. During a recent chat with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club, Wale opened up the experience for the first time in a long while, discussing how he felt and why he thought it was important to talk to Cole in person about the track.

The day Cole dropped "False Prophets" was a hectic one for Wale, he explained. "I woke up to like 45 text messages," he said. "I went to the gym, sat in the sauna for a little bit, went in the studio, wrote what I had to write. The next day, I listened to it in the morning, mixed it, put it out, and then went to North Carolina and went to go see him."

As for why he felt the need to go all that way to speak with Cole about the song, he said it's not anything he could put into words simply. "Maybe it was the shock," he explained. "Maybe he wanted to give it to me another way. Cole always tell me I don't listen. ... That's what makes us so close, it's very raw and uncut. We showed a whole bunch of youngins you can be enemies, best friends, all that, but you can still settle it like gentlemen."

Wale does, however, wish that Cole had kept certain things to himself during the whole ordeal. "Some of the stuff come from personal conversations, like one-on-one," he added. "But that's just a bit of ego, probably."