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Last summer, New York native Mac Ayres seemingly came out of nowhere feeling like the first breath of fresh air in quite some time with the release of his Drive Slow project. Ayres has an admirable approach to R&B that is both mesmerizing and impressionable. Today the singer and multi-instrumentalist returns with a brand new single titled "Stay." This is the first preview of his forthcoming debut album, Something to Feel—which is set to be released later this summer.

Similar to the rest of his music, on "Stay" Ayres manages to make everything else feel as if it's melting away—even if it's only for a moment. It's a personal love song, presumably meant for special in his own life but Ayres has the ability to make it seem like he were singing directly to you. And that's the magic we all want when listening to music, right? "Stay" was composed, written, and produced by Ayres, and features co-production from two of his label ARIMÉ mates, Jack Dine and Chris Anderson.

"I started writing 'Stay' with Chris after a day of tracking at Shifted Studios in Brooklyn," Ayres details about how his latest release came together. "We were just playing with some ideas in the live room, and once that hook melody came to mind, I knew i had to call Jack . A couple days later, I wrote the rest of the tune, recorded at Eusonia Studios alongside Jack and Chris, and this is what came of it. I hope when you listen to this, you can hear all the emotions that the three of us put into it."

Listen to "Stay" below.