From Devon by way of South London, ABISHA is a British alt-R&B singer-songwriter channeling introspection. Following the immense success of her debut track "All That", she today unveils the video for the effortless follow-up, "Project X", exclusively on Complex. Blending elements of R&B and soft electronica, her sultry vocals root the song while the soft bass helps to create an atmospheric vibe before a slightly more upbeat alternative route is taken, marking ABISHA out as an artist to keep your eye on.

Speaking about the track, ABISHA told Complex: "'Project X' is completely different from anything else that I've got up my sleeve right now and I'm so excited to be releasing it. It started off as an experiment—I wanted to create something that was completely unstructured and break the rules of a typical 'good' song a little bit. I'd discovered the track 'Up' by Telana and fell in love with the sense of freedom that it had within it and I wanted to replicate an element of that into 'Project X'. The theme of the track is just being completely besotted by someone and hoping that they feel the same way. It's playful and massively flirtatious."

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