L.A. rapper 03 Greedo is committed to remaining prolific, legal issues be damned. On Thursday, Greedo shared God Level single "Planned Out," and now he's back with even more heat. This time, however, he's brought along Lil Uzi Vert.

"Never Bend" was already a banger, but with Uzi attached it's elevated even further. The bouncy beat of the original is conducive to Uzi's colorful style, and he kills his appearance here. Listen to the premiere of the "Never Bend" remix below.

Speaking about the opportunity to work with Uzi, Greedo explained to Complex over email that working with the Philadelphia rapper was "One of the most genuine helpful things someones has done for me in this industry." He added, "That featured changed my fanbase to where it needed to be. Rockstar Status."

It's not surprising that Greedo is back with another single so soon, as he's already indicated that he wants to leave behind a lot of material before begins serving time. Earlier this year the rapper was sentenced to 20 years in prison on drugs and weapons-related charges, and during a stop at Power 106 Los Angeles he said he plans to make the most of his time before he's put behind bars.

"I got 10 albums right now that ain't out," he explained. "And I'ma have 30 before I go in. God Level finna come in a minute. That’s why I dropped the single ‘Fortnite,’ and I’m finna drop like two more singles probably next week.” He also revealed during the interview that he works on "like 15 songs a night," which explains how he manages to put out so much music in such a short time.