Peter Rosenberg claimed on Hot 97 this morning that Drake contributed to Kanye West’s new album ye, specifically on the cut “Yikes.”

“It is now a confirmed thing that Drake wrote the hook for ‘Yikes,'” Rosenberg said around the 7:10 mark. “And it may be the best melody on the album.” He added, “They didn’t credit [Drake]. They forgot—they left him off. Interesting timing, right?”

He continued, “How do you get to basically orchestrate the whole thing and then wave the white flag?”

Though no one else has corroborated this story, it would make sense, given Ye and Drake’s past working relationship.

While Drake and Pusha-T have been feuding, the 6 God has always had a hand in Kanye’s album making process. The two began working together as early as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and on Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle”—where he dissed both Push and Ye—Drake reminded us about his credited work on “30 Hours,” his informal credit on “Father Stretch My Hands,” and not to mention the Kanye feature on Drake's “Pop Style.”

The white flag that Rosenberg is referencing is Kanye’s tweet from this weekend, where he said the beef between Drake and Push is over—so if Drake did write on “Yikes,” then it makes sense. More than that, let’s not forget that Drake and Partynextdoor also joined Kanye in Wyoming earlier this year. If Drake really did write for ye, then he joins a whole bunch of talented people who also contribute to the album but were rightfully credited.