Royce da 5’9” insists there’s no major drama within the Shady Records camp; however, he does believe that Joe Budden owes Eminem an apology.

To promote his just-released Book of Ryan, Royce stopped by Power 105’s The Angie Martinez Show, where he discussed rumors of a Slaughterhouse fallout. The Detroit rapper claimed the supergroup—which includes Royce and Budden—is “definitely good,” but they still have their fair share of disagreements. Case in point? Budden’s criticism of Em’s Revival track “Untouchable.”

Here’s a little refresher: In a late 2017, Budden referred to the politically charged song as “one of the worst records he ever heard,” and suggested Eminem was trying to profit off the black man’s struggle.

Several months later, Royce appeared on Rap Radar, where he called Budden’s critique “a little crazy.” He also appeared to question Budden’s loyalty, as he was signed to Shady Records—Eminem’s imprint—under the Slaughterhouse outfit.

Though Royce claims he has no issues with his fellow Slaughterhouse member, he told Angie that Budden’s words were uncalled for.

“I think he had a right to voice his opinion, definitely. I felt like he used a few choice words that were unnecessary. I feel they were a little motive-driven,” he says at the 20:30 mark, before Angie asked if Joe was simply trolling. “A little bit. I think if he had just said, ‘You know, I’m not feeling this one,’ I don’t think it would’ve garnered the attention.”

Angie went on to say that, perhaps, Budden was unaware of how much impact his statements would have, as he was “transitioning” from rapper to hip-hop commentator at the time of his criticism.

“I’m a really reasonable person...I can totally understand that: You’re in the heat of the moment and then you just go a little too far,” Royce said (21:55). “And if it comes with an apology, you know, we’re having a whole different conversation.

"I think [Joe] owes [Em] an apology,” Royce added

You can watch the full Power 105 interview above. The sit-down addresses a wide range of topics, including Kanye West’s recent controversies, addiction, and freestyling.