Through his new single "5 AM", 21-year-old North London singer and producer Matt Berry, better known as Marble Empire, uses self-confessed "gritty basslines, jazz harmonies and effect-soaked guitar lines" to portray his experience as a final year uni student living the care-free life of going to pubs, clubs and parties—except for the fact that he didn't enjoy any of it. 

Following his friends and doing what they wanted to do, staying up late at parties he didn't want to really be at, is an experience probably more familiar than we think for university students, with Marble Empire himself saying, "I think it's so easy to just get dragged along with things, to the point of having a really bad time but just pretending because you're with your friends. I'm not very good at saying no to things. I really love singing this song and it connects with me personally every time."