Following last year's Unpopular Culture book, a motivational tome centred on life lessons and stories of rebellion, Christian rapper Guvna B is back with a new short film called Hands Are Made For Working. The film takes its title from a phrase his father would repeat to him to discourage him from idleness.

In the film, Guv takes us on a tour of the area that raised him, giving us an insight into his childhood and the religious path he's taken. It's also a chance to see what he's capable of music as live shots pepper the documentary's narrative. The documentary comes ahead of a new album that continues in the same vein as the short film, as well as themes of themes of fatherlessness, grief, youth culture and his faith.

"I was a pretty lazy kid growing up and my dad would always say to me 'Son, hands are made for working.' It was his way of telling me that nothing comes easy in life, and if I don't work hard, I won't get much done or achieve anything worthwhile. He said a lot of things to me, but for some reason, HAMFW is the phrase that sticks. Writing this album has been therapeutic for me. I realise how important fatherhood is and how much a father figure can affect the trajectory of a young persons life. I touch on this from all angles on this record, and I'm more inspired than ever to work hard and put my hands to good use."