By now, you’ve hopefully made it through multiple spins of Pusha-T's DAYTONA. The Album (?) Formerly Known as King Push runs just seven tracks in length, but it masterfully manages to make each second of those seven tracks count. Production was helmed by Kanye West, with contributions by Mike Dean and Andrew Dawson, which makes the process of tracking down samples a music history lesson all its own.

West even slides in for a verse on "What Would Meek Do," marking one of only two features on the album. That verse, however, pales in comparison to the production prowess at play on Pusha's first new batch of songs since 2015's Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude

Below, we take a look at the tracks West and company sampled across Daytona. As with any multi-layered art piece, this samples roundup could grow lengthier in the days ahead as the ears of fans catch more references. Stay tuned.

"If You Know You Know"

We don't hear so much as a bass or a snare until nearly 40 seconds into the DAYTONA opener. However, when that distorted static note kicks in with the refrain, it's hard not to thrash out to the detriment of your immediate surroundings. Per WhoSampled, "If You Know You Know" takes a bit of Air (but not that Air)'s 1972 cut "Twelve O'Clock Satanial." Satanial, by the way, is a word invented by Air/Masquerade founder Al Gwyllt in an effort to "be creepy and crazy."

"The Games We Play"

Not only does this cut boast some of the album's finest lyrical moments, it also grabs both a Jay Z interpolation and a late '60s Booker T. Averheart track to craft the soundscape. YUGH.

"Hard Piano" f/ Rick Ross

The pianos here, as the title makes clear, are quite hard. So too is the choice to sample Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band's "High as Apple Pie (Slice II)."

"Come Back Baby"

An early favorite among fans, the intro to "Come Back Baby" places the source of the sample front and center: It's the Mighty Hannibal's "The Truth Shall Make You Free."


This one has been harder for fans to nail down. At the time of this writing, WhoSampled didn't have a breakdown available. On the track's Genius page, however, you'll find songwriter credits and—ultimately—the revelation that Soul Mann and the Brothers' "Bumpy's Lament" and Lil' Kim and Biggie's "Drugs" played a part.

"What Would Meek Do" f/ Kanye West

This song, arguably, is the album's most-discussed. In addition to an interpolation of his own "Lift Yourself," West has assembled a new creation using Yes' "Heart of the Sunrise" and 2Pac/Makaveli's "Hail Mary."


For the closer, West and Pusha breathe new life into 24 Carat Black's 2009 single "I Want to Make Up."