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Felix Snow and ROZES link up for the new song “Demons,” which follows the release of Snow’s EP Triptych Buffalo.

While Snow was delving into more experimental electronic sounds on the EP, with the celestial “Demons,” he goes back to his electronic-pop roots, embracing a similar sonic palette as his 2015 song “Gold” with Kiiara.

“ROZES' brother, Paul, hit me on Gmail about a collaboration, and I was stoked, because I'd been a fan of ROZES for a second,” Snow told Complex over email. “He sent over a fat pack of demos and acapellas and ‘Demons’ just shouted at me. It was such a great song. I knew exactly what I had to do with it. It's probably the most time I've ever spent with a song.”

Snow added, “I revisited it about nine or ten times over the course of two or three months. There are like four or five distinct versions of the song that I should probably release as a remix package with fake DJ names. Spoiler alert.”

Listen to “Demons” above. The song will be available at the usual streaming spots Friday (June 1).