ASAP Rocky just released a new video for the Moby-sampling single “ASAP Forever.” If you watched Lord Flacko’s performance on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, you know you’re in for a treat. The ASAP Mob frontman of sorts performed a medley of both “ASAP Forever” and “Distorted Records” on the late night show on Wednesday, with the music video for the Moby-featuring track is now officially out.

This is a pretty damn dope video. Immediately, you can tell that serious effort went into the cinematography and concept. The color palette is a bit more grainy than your usual contemporary hip-hop video, and does away with some of the glitz you might expect. The entire clip's essentially a contemplative reminiscing on times past, while also moving through New York at the speed of life.

While Rocky and his crew aren’t doing much else besides passing blunts back and forth, there’s an energy here that complements the song well. The best part, arguably, is the break we’re given halfway through, when Moby’s “Porcelain” really gets a chance to shine, and Rocky starts floating through space—before crashing into a wall. Did you catch that Easter egg appearance by Moby himself, by the way?

As we reported earlier Thursday, Rocky has been hinting at his new album for a while now. According to the man himself, the project is already finished. A bit more cryptic, perhaps, was his Instagram post containing never-before-heard vocals from Rocky, with the clip ending on a “for testing purposes only” title card. Some believe that Testing could be part of the project’s title, and the "ASAP Forever" adds fuel to the fire.