After bringing Kendrick Lamar on stage to perform "Yeah Right" during his Coachella set, Vince Staples sat down with Everyday Struggle's Nadeska Alexis.

It wasn't a straightforward interview though— Staples manages to jokingly get meta while talking about his other trolling antics.

When Nadeska shows concern about Staples having an asthma attack, he shares that he "almost died the other day" after he spilled turmeric on his shirt. Then he goes into what seems like gibberish: "Topics/ideas try the Monty's vegan burger and probably talk shit about it." That is, until he blows up Nadeska's spot and notes that there are teleprompters there.

"They got Nadeska reading some shit that don't got nothing to do with nothing," he says, before Nadeska corrects him by reminding him that he's actually reading all of her lines. They got back on script by discussing Staples' asthma, where he revealed that he left his inhaler in the car. "If I die, I die," he said. "If I die, my life insurance policy real good." Staples went on to explain that his mom would actually make more money if he were to die, which is why he's "not really worried about passing."

The two also talked about Staples' marketing scheme to "out-troll the trolls" with the launch of a GoFundMe page asking them to raise $2 million in order for Staples to keep out of the public eye. Staples admits he was skeptical of Def Jam's ideas at first, but eventually got on board.

Although he donated the money to Michelle Obama's library, Staples said he "would have kept the money" and bought a Tesla X instead of the Tesla he bought, if they raised the money.

But as the interview wrapped up, Staples looked toward the teleprompter.

"Thanks for Vince Staples for stopping by and be sure to check out his latest release 'Get Off My Dick,'" he said, clearly taking Nadeska's lines again. He also gave a shout out to Lil Durk, who recently left Def Jam. Classic Vince.