Premiere: Scott Quinn Offers A Message Of Encouragement On Jazzy R&B Jam "Run"

"We've come so far / I'll run with you until the end"

Scott Quinn

Image via Publicist

Scott Quinn

There's nothing worse than watching someone make mistakes and refuse the help you offer them. Particularly frustrating since that's all you can do: watch. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Quinn taps into that very feeling on his latest single "Run". Take my strength, stand your ground, Quinn implores as the shimmering, epic R&B power anthem plays out.

"It's painful to watch someone cut you out of their life," Quinn explained, "because they think that's where the answers lie, when in truth the answer lies in themselves and their demons. I guess this song is both an emotive journal of a very turbulent and anxious time in my life and also a testament to unconditional love and patience."

Heart-wrenching but epic in its scale, "Run" is an impressive effort from the rising polymath and hints that his recent studio work with SG Lewis and Jones is about to reveal some very, very big things.

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