Remember when Logic said his next album was going to be his last and it seemed like new music from the Maryland rapper would become less and less common?

Guess not. A couple weeks after he told Big Boy and Real 92.3 that he was "just fucking with everybody" and Ultra 85 wouldn't be his final project, Logic is back with a preview of unreleased music.

After thunderstorms forced him to miss an evening performance at Penn State's Movin' On Festival, he chose a new spot called Champs Downtown and treated fans to brand new material. Taking a second to shouting out his producer 6ix on the song, Logic goes on to reference The Matrix as he raps, "Bitch, I am the one, like Keanu Reeves / Get it done, yeah, gotta get it done." Later, he slips in a quick video game reference: "I don't be playin' games unless we talkin' Fortnite." Classic Logic.

You can watch a video of the performance above and continue for some alternate footage.