The Weeknd has a new album on the way, and it’s reportedly really good.

On Friday night, Travis Scott went to Twitter to praise the singer’s highly anticipated upcoming project, which has yet to be announced. Scott referred to the album as “scary,” and said it reminded him of the very first time he had heard the Starboy artist. Judging by Scott's choice of words and excessive use of exclamation points, it's safe to assume he liked what he heard.

And you already know Twitter had a collective freakout.

Though the Weeknd hasn’t provided any details about an upcoming project, fans have been pretty confident that the XO singer will deliver new material in 2018. For one, he hasn’t dropped a full-length since 2016’s Starboy; and when you consider the fact that he’s scheduled to headline this year’s Coachella festival, it's safe to assume the Weeknd has fresh material up his sleeve.

Now all we have to do is wait for Abel to provide some form of confirmation. Keep it locked.