With his new track "Yikes," Eric Bellinger is making his opinions on Tory Lanez quite clear.

The track arrives after Lanez apparently made less-than-flattering references to Bellinger on his Memories Don't Die track "Hate to Say," i.e. the one with the Drake stuff in it:

I think it's time we cut the silence by n***as that's talkin' violent
Speak of silence and give 'em coffins and violins playin'
R&B n****s with Sisqó haircuts, wildin' and stylin'
They dissin', guess they just tryna go viral, I feel 'em
This your favorite song, this gonna be your favorite song
Except when I say it, it's really the people's favorite song
You did a vid dissin' to flex the i8
I could've flexed a 'Rari or Wraith, but n***a, I ain't
Instead, I bought my house the other day, I'm flexed in the paint

In response to Lanez, who was previously criticized by Bellinger for his choice of tags, we now have "Yikes." Bellinger calls out Lanez by name in the track for, among other things, possessing the sole talent of "mimicking anyone that's talented." Listen below via SoundCloud.

The Drake-referencing portions of Lanez' "Hate to Say" carried a much different vibe, chronicling their Instagrammed truce meeting. "There's a lot of money to be made," Lanez later told Tim Westwood of his decision to aside his 6 God differences.

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