After multiple years in the game, Mya is still embodying what it means to be single, sexy, and free. For years, she's been fielding rumors that she's dated well-known artists that she's worked with. But that doesn't mean some of your favorite rappers haven't tried to shoot their shot.

The 38-year-old singer sat down with Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning and gave some insight on why she's kept her romantic relationships on the DL throughout her career. "I've had two boyfriends in the industry," she tells the show's hosts. "Like, relationships. But I never say names because I respect my relationships and what we've gone through...people have linked me to a lot of people, but people also project what they want to see for you."

Mya explains that she was managed by her father at the beginning of her career, but parted ways with him once her parents filed for divorce. From then on, her career was handled by outside managers who often suggested she date fellow artists to boost her profile. She wasn't having it. “My intention has always been love and connection with a person beyond anything else. I’ve been so private because I didn’t want it to make or break me or to be a public stunt. I’ve really fired a lot of managers that had that mindset or publicists that had that mindset of, ‘Oh, you need to go on a date with this person because it’s going to help album sales.’ No thank-you. That’s not my flow. I don’t like it. I understand it from that perspective. … I am single. Focused. Celibate.”

Back in 2014, Mya shut down speculation that she once dated Jay-Z via Instagram. "@kimdafuture Never did, never was, never will," she responded to a fan asking about a rumored 11-year affair with the rapper. "Illegitimate, thirsty sources with no facts and that’s the ‘media’ for you-especially today. I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage way too much for nonsense. False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers.”

In 2005, both 50 Cent and The Game claimed they had slept with the "Fallen" singer. Fif even put her name on wax in a diss song called "Not Rich, Still Lyin'" As a result, Mya rejected a red carpet interview with, saying its owner "lied on his dick."

You can watch Mya discuss the aforementioned issues, as well as talk about her upcoming album, on Ebro In The Morning up top.