Azealia Banks has taken to Instagram to share her thoughts on the March for Our Lives protests against gun violence, and she very much seems to be fed up with what she sees as hypocrisy. "Miss me with the bullshit," her lengthy post reads. "As if you'd see my black ass at some rally for gun control when everyone ignored every advance made by black youth to speak about police violence."

She only gets heavier from there, writing, "Black people have been protesting gun violence for ever!! I don’t see any of these kids as heroic or brave , when black kids have been fighting the good good fight for ages. There were no police in riot gear at this march for our lives joint but let there be more than 15 negroes on a corner... the cops are pulling up with tasers and tear gas. This ain’t a battle of the struggles, but I have to save my voice for the causes that matter most to me, which are black America-centric. White America’s obsession with guns is white americas problem."

Banks finishes the post saying she's not interested in supporting these calls for gun violence, when unarmed black children are getting killed by police across the country and so little is being done to stop it. "Let the liberals and the conservatives battle it out... tired of helping left white america fight for their causes while they ALWAYS turn blind eye to ours. I’m still waiting for a Democratic politician to issue an official apology for slavery."


While the post comes across a little insensitive in parts, it rightly asks why calls for stricter gun control were ignored before now.