Fans asked, so YGTUT delivered.

On Wednesday morning, the Tennessee rapper finally unleashed his elusive track “Trill Dreams,” featuring TDE artist and fellow Chattanooga native Isaiah Rashad. The song was recorded in 2011, years before Rashad and TUT had released their respective debut projects, Cilvia Demo and Preacher’s Son.

As TUT tells it, the previously unreleased record kind of happened by chance, around the same time both artists were students at Middle Tennessee State University as well as members of the Chattanooga hip-hop collective The House.

“One day we were just riding around in Chattanooga looking for something to do. I had just dropped out of MTSU and I think Zay was about to, as well. Isaiah got a call from some random dude who said he was down to record us for free,” he explained. “This song is really old, but people always ask me for it so I figured I would put it out. We recorded around the time when I dropped the song ‘Probation.’ I think Isaiah recorded ‘Part III’ there that day too. I don't know who made the beat but if you out there, hit me up!”

Though Rashad has landed a number of features within the past year, he hasn't released a full-length album since 2016's The Sun's Tirade; so, it's understandable why fans have been begging the 26-year-old for new material. TUT is gearing up to release the follow-up to 2015's Preacher's Son within the next couple of months.

While you wait for more information about the artists' upcoming releases, you can listen to “Trill Dreams” below.