Wiz Khalifa's single "Most of Us" came out back in 2016, but this week he was hit with a lawsuit by a rapper he met in 2012 at the Salt Lake City airport.

According to the rapper, who goes by the name of Cymple Man, he with with Khalifa at the Salt Lake City International airport in 2012 and handed over two copies of a song he made called "Most of Us." The hope was that Khalifa would collaborate with him and the chance encounter would turn out to be his big break. Instead, he claims that Khalifa's single "unmistakably copies the essential elements" of Cymple's original.

According to a report from TMZ, Cymple Man is suing Khalifa for damages and is asking him to stop using the song. You can hear both versions above and below, and decide for yourself whether Khalifa has committed plagiarism.

In court documents, Cymple's team said they discovered the alleged infringement in 2016 and made "multiple written requests" to defendants Khalifa, Atlanta Records, and Rostrum Records to stop the use and sale of the song. Those requests were declined. Cymple's team believes their client is entitled to damages and to the defendants' profits "in amounts to be proven at trial."

Khalifa isn't the only rapper getting sued today. TMZ is also reporting that a lawsuit has been filed against Kanye West for an uncleared sample on "Everything I Am."

The Cymple Man lawsuit continues Khalifa's bad luck when it comes to being sued from fans. In December 2016, he was reportedly hit with a lawsuit from a 16-year old girl who was injured at his show and had to give up competitive cheerleading.

Of course, Khalifa has experience being on the other side of high-profile lawsuits as well. In 2016, Khalifa sued his former manager, Benjy Grinberg, and Grinberg's label Rostrum Records to terminate a 360 deal that he signed at the beginning of his rap career. The lawsuit claimed that Grinberg profited off of "self-dealing." They eventually agreed to an undisclosed settlement.