Hip-hop fans can now test just how well their knowledge of Migos stacks up against that of their friends.

Web developers Niko Draca and his partner, Alex Marttinen, have released a new Migos ad-libs site that positions all of the lyrics from Culture IIall 2,262 total linesas an interactive game. The game starts with the rap line and you finish them by dragging the ad-lib over to the correct line.

"The album had just come out and we thought it would be an interesting exploration," Draca told Complex. "We ran a couple scripts and found out that over 70 percent of the lines on the album had at least one ad-lib and were curious to see what else we could come up with."

Draca and Marttinen also recently completed a data visualization of Lil Pump's lyrics.

So, what has inspired the developers to focus on this Migos project?

"They're extremely relevant!" Draca explained. "I fully credit the Migos with popularizing 'ad-lib rap.' It's undeniable that this is the current state of rap music. When there are major shifts in pop culture like this one, it's always interesting to dig deeper."

Draca added that the team enjoys making data approachable.

"Data is beautiful," he said. "I think most people view statistics/data as something that's extremely academic or serious. We're trying to make it as approachable as possible by covering topics that are topical and that interest us."

The Migos were nominated for two 2018 Grammys and their newest release, which contains 24 tracks, debuted to acclaim.

Play the interactive Culture II lyrics game here.