Frank Ocean fans are getting a little tired of waiting on their Endless vinyls to be shipped. Back in November, the elusive artist dropped a link for fans to cop a limited vinyl pressing of his 2016 visual album, but it's pretty much been radio silence since then in terms of any records being delivered. The expected six to eight week shipment schedule has turned into a painstaking three months, and people are getting pissed

An email correspondence between Fame House, the marketing company processing the vinyl orders, and Pitchforkrevealed that even they have absolutely no information on when we can expect to get our hands on these babies. Fame House stated, "We do not yet have an estimated timeframe for when this will ship." Okay, but, like, shouldn't you have any notion at all of when these orders will be processed?

People are understandably upset that they have yet to receive their timeless relic of Frank Ocean memorabilia, despite their accounts being debited for it months ago. Resentful purchasers are sharing their fist-shaking feelings on the matter via social media.