Mathew Knowles says no one will do business with him after his former lawyers made false claims that he sold Beyoncé and Destiny's Child memorabilia off the books in order to avoid paying his creditors. Because of that, Knowles' business is hurting, especially after a $175 million deal with Port Royal Resort fell through with his company, Music World.

The Blast reports that Knowles' former lawyers, Lang Ferrer PLLC, sued him after he allegedly refused to pay their $50,000 bill—which Knowles called "excessive and unreasonable." In Lang Ferrer's lawsuit, they list information about the alleged auction which they say happened during the 2017 Super Bowl weekend—one year after Beyoncé took the halftime stage with Bruno Mars and Coldplay's Chris Martin. 

Knowles has since denied his former lawyer's claims and even counter-sued the law firm for defamation. He also noted that before Lang Ferrer PLLC sued him, they threatened to make things "ugly for him" and admitted that there was an auction but it wasn't for anything Beyoncé-related. Instead, he sold off sports and athletic gear.

As this lawsuit plays out, Knowles is also promoting his memoir, Racism From the Eyes of a Child, where he discusses racism while growing up in Alabama and of course his famously talented daughters. Although it's release date has yet to be announced, it's available for pre-order on his website.