Sometimes—as the old adage goes—to get out, you must go through. That's a lesson Australian indie singer-songwriter Future Jr. seems to have learned.

Though he's only 23 years old, his life experiences add up to that of someone much older. While that does seem to have affected him, it has at least given us some really good music. The latest example is the thoughtful and subtle guitar-led number "Tell Me That I'm Wrong". Over a stirring yet subdued guitar, he examines his life and traumas with maturity and unflinching honesty.

"After going through a brutal seven months last year, I realised I had to face a lot of the demons that I'd been running from," Future Jr. told Complex over email. "It's a track written to myself ,signifying the power of accepting your shortfalls in order to make room for better things."

Here's to making it out the other side.