Gunplay, the former MMG rapper and star of Love and Hip Hop: Miami, has been accused of head-butting his ex-girlfriend during a physical altercation, according to The Blast

The incident reportedly occurred on New Year's Day at The Office strip club in Miami, which Gunplay was attending with his current girlfriend Keyara. That night, Gunplay's ex-girlfriend, Aneka Johnston, was performing as a dancer at the club. According to police reports, Gunplay and Johnston got involved in a verbal altercation. He later waited for her in the parking lot around 3 a.m. During the argument he "became irate and struck Miss Johnston upon her face with his head."

Johnston was able to drive herself to a nearby hospital where she was treated for bruises on her face and neck, as well as a scratched cornea. She was referred by police to the Florida State Attorney’s office to press criminal charges. 

Johnston has also since filed a charge for misdemeanor battery and further accuses the rapper of being violent during their relationship between 2010-2012, according to The Blast's latest report. The lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County states Gunplay "was known to act violently" and that his "harmful and destructive behavior" was the reason the couple would eventually break up. 

Johnston's attorney Mark DiCowden tells The Blast that "Gunplay has a long history of committing violence and domestic abuse. He has made a living out of glorifying crime and harmful conduct on people, including women. Ms. Johnston was working and didn’t deserve to be attacked. She has previously been a victim of Gunplay’s domestic violence and ended her relationship with him years ago because of his ongoing abuse. Gunplay’s celebrity status does not allow him to act above the law. No amount of fame or fortune justifies Gunplay’s shameful and outrageous conduct. This lawsuit will send Gunplay a message and deter his misbehavior in the future. We will seek punitive damages against him as allowed by Florida law."

This is not the first time the rapper has found himself in trouble with the law. Back in 2012, Gunplay was sentenced to house arrest after video footage showed him robbing his accountant at gunpoint. For those charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault, he faced a potential lifelong prison sentence. The case was eventually dismissed.