Future may be joining the slew of celebrities to be sued

TMZ reports that two fans, Catrina Washington and Shauntay Harris, filed separate lawsuits against Live Nation and Brooklyn's Barclays Center after they were allegedly trampled on during Future's tour stop at the venue last year. (The tickets were sold by Live Nation.) As of now, the two companies, along with rapper Rome Fortune, are named in the lawsuit but the two are reportedly planning on amending it to include Future's name on the lawsuit instead.

According to the lawsuit, Washington and Harris claim that they were injured in a stampede after concertgoers thought they heard gunshots when the ironically named Nobody's Safe tour closed out.

The Barclays Center later put out a statement to say that there were no gunshots inside the area. Instead, they said it was a "loud noise during load out."

New York Police Department's Lieutenant Tarik Sheppard also released a statement to Vibe at the time.

“The concert ended around 11 p.m. As people were exiting the Barclays Center, there was music playing over the PA system. The song that was playing had the sound of gunshots at the end," it read. "In addition, the stage was lowered and it came down faster than normal causing a loud metal on metal crashing sound. These sounds coupled together startled some people and they began to exit quicker than normal. There was no stampede and no injuries due to anyone getting trampled. There were a couple of reported minor injuries where people sprained or twisted their ankles while they were trying to quickly exit.”

Migos, Tory Lanez and Zoey Dollaz were also on the concert bill that night. No word on whether or not they will be sued or not though.