Over a year after their last single—a remake of "Where Is the Love?"— the Black Eyed Peas are back with their new number called "Street Livin'." The song is decidedly more pared down than their most recent material, riding off a melancholic jazz instrumental as the group peer into social issues.

The lines are delivered in a sullen tone: "Street livin', we packing pistols/Terrorists be blastin' missiles/Crips and bloods and retail thugs/CIA planes bring Colombian drugs." The song comes with a similarly sobering video that features men of color frozen in harrowing moments as they mouth the song's lyrics. Watch the video above.

Although the Black Eyed Peas' members have been fairly busy on their own, they have been mostly silent as a music collective over the past few years. They haven't released an album since 2010's The Beginning—which featured top 5 hits "Just Can't Get Enough" and "The Time (Dirty Bit)"—but it wouldn't be a surprise if there was even more new music on the horizon. On the less jazzy side of things, Black Eyed Peas recently worked on the sci-fi Marvel graphic novel, Masters of the Sun ― The Zombie Chronicleswhile Fergie dropped her long-awaited sophomore album Double Dutchess last September.