Azealia Banks has managed to make plenty of enemies over the years, thanks to her loose lips and her unfiltered opinions. But it seems she's making an effort to build bridges instead of burning them down.

The Harlem raper revealed that  “Anna Wintour,” is the first single from her upcoming project Fantasea II: The Second Wave due in March. In an Instagram post announcing the single, Banks wrote that she hopes to recruit Nicki Minaj to jump on the record with her, as well as former Spice Girl Mel B.  “I would absolutely LOVE to have Mel B from the spice girls and Nicki Minaj on this,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “KUNTS please put out more manifesting energy !!”


“This song was inspired by a remix of ‘ice princess’ by @juniorsanchezofficial,” she she said of the upcoming track. “I took the glitches melody he put on it and wrote lyrics to it. I referenced a lot of Stacie Orrico for this song. I wanted to write a song that could double as a praise to God. It’s a song about learning to love, learning to accept love and learning how to love yourself.”

After publicly beefing for the better part of a year, Banks and Minaj made amends back in September of last year. The "212" rapper slid into Nicki's DMs and apologized for all the "catty shit" she'd said about her in previous years. Nicki forgave her in her own special way. "You're very talented & very smart," she responded. "Focus on what really matters from now on."

A nice gesture for sure, but nice enough for Nicki to submit an actual verse? Only time will tell.