Last year, 50 Cent's financial troubles came to an end, officially announcing he was no longer bankrupt. The news came after the announcement a few years prior that the G-Unit rapper had run into some issues, but now everything seems to be going pretty great for him. Last July he reportedly sold his $60 million stake in Effen vodka, which no doubt has had a great effect on his current situation. However, he's not giving up the fight to proving he wasn't responsible for his bankruptcy.

Last year, 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against his former managers, alleging that they helped themselves to his money. He claims they're the reason he was responsible for owing the IRS $200,000, and one of the defendants named in the case had previously been convicted for stealing around $5 million from Alanis Morissette in the '90s. The company he says is responsible, GSO Business Management LLC, "helped themselves" to $90,000 for what they say was "bankruptcy services."

Now Bossip is reporting that the company is firing back, saying they were not negligent with 50 Cent's money, and that the company responsible for his financial difficulties is Boulevard. GSO worked for 50 Cent as accountants and business managers between 2013 and 2015, which is the timeframe in which he filed for bankruptcy.

50 has claimed that GSO made him overpay on his income taxes during the year he filed for bankruptcy, too, paying no mind to the federal tax law that states those who file for bankruptcy don't have to pay income taxes for the rest of the current tax year. These taxes are to instead be added to the debt, but 50 says the company never told him about such law.

A judge hasn't ruled the case, but GSO is adamant that Boulevard, who handled his business affairs and finances after 50 fired GSO, is responsible for the unpaid taxes.