50 Cent isn't quite as involved as he once was in the rap game, but don't mistake his inactivity as an artist for inactivity in general. The Jamaica, Queens native has his hands in a number of different businesses these days, from real estate investments to boxing promotion, and his profit from the sale of Vitamin Water is infamous.

His latest financial development is reportedly on the liquor front. Fans are well aware of his investment level in Effen Vodka, as the rapper has repeatedly shared posts on his social media feeds with the #EFFEN hashtag since he became a minority owner of the brand.

The hashtag has disappeared as of late, fueling rumors that 50 was done with them altogether. If you believe the folks at The Breakfast Club, 50 cashed out, and Angela Yee claimed on Monday that he was done as a spokesman for the company altogether. Leapfrogging off that claim, DJ Envy dished on some financial specifics.

"He sold the stake in the company about a month ago, month and a half ago," said DJ Envy. "50's seeing over $60 million from this buyout, allegedly, I'll just say that."

50's version of the story is a little different. He doesn't deny that major money is involved, but creeping through Instagram comments, he's telling people that he'll still be a part of Effen's future.


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Who knows what that means—maybe he's just getting free vodka rather than paychecks now—but either way, if 50 is getting anything close to $60 million for his piece of Effen Vodka, that's a major power move.

After emerging on the other side of bankruptcy clean and with a hit TV show to his credit, 50 looks like he's doing alright for himself these days. And hey, if he's looking for a place to invest his new mountain of money, your boy has a big stack of student loans he wouldn't mind paying off.