Juicy J’s Rubba Band Business is finally here.

The project, which was announced in August of 2016, marks Juicy’s first solo studio album since 2013’s Stay Trippy. Since then, he’s come through with a number of projects, including the recent Gas Face and Highly Intoxicated mixtapes, which included appearances by Project Pat, Cardi B, Rick Ross, and XXXTentacion. Clearly, Juicy isn’t afraid to embrace the new wave of hip-hop.

In an interview with XXL, the Three 6 Mafia rapper spoke about working with a wide range of talent from different generations. He said he approached Rubba Band Business in this way, so it would appeal to his older fan base as well as the younger audience.

“For anybody that's never heard any of my mixtapes, that's fucked up [laughs], but I know they heard some of my old Three 6 Mafia stuff,” he said. “So whatever you like with Three 6 Mafia, it's just a mixture of old Three 6 Mafia with Lex Luger beats, Metro Boomin beats, with Murda beats. It's a mixture of all that, you know what I'm saying, and boom, that's what it is. It's like a mixture of the old and the new.”

Rubba Band Business is available now on iTunes and Apple Music. It's also on Spotify. Scroll down to listen.

The project includes cameos by Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla Sign, and more. Juicy’s next project is a Suicideboys-produced mixtape called Shut the Fuck Up, set to drop Dec. 15. 

“It's classic. That's all I'ma say, it's classic,” he told XXL about the upcoming tape. “It sounds like Highly Intoxicated. The vibe of it is like Highly Intoxicated. It's classic, though.”