TDE producer and engineer MixedByAli might very well be the happiest man alive right now. That’s because police have turned up a stolen hard drive of his containing loads of unreleased music valued around $1 million.

Derek "MixedByAli" Ali’s BMW was parked in front of an Equinox gym in Hawthorne, CA when the theft occurred. The suspects were two men who police have linked to series of other burglaries in the area, including the theft of a handgun belonging to an off-duty cop. Fingerprints left on the handle of Ali’s car door allowed them to recover the item. “Basically these guys are serial car burglars,” Hawthorne police Lt. James Royer told the Los Angeles Daily News. "They prey upon victims who leave items viewable from the outside."

The producer and engineer has been a staple in Top Dawg Entertainment’s camp for several years. 

Though Ali has received one hard drive, another is still missing (although whoever still has it can’t access it’s content due to encryption.) It’s unclear whether or not the music on said drive featured Kendrick or other artists in the TDE camp. The hard drive had not been tampered with by the time police caught them. "I don’t think he knows what he had," Royer said.