Kevin McCall is apparently into smashing up plaques now. In an Instagram post Tuesday, McCall showed off a destroyed RIAA-certified gold plaque for Chris Brown's 2011 album F.A.M.E. The album featured McCall's collab with Brown and Tyga, "Deuces," as well as the McCall-assisted cuts "No Bullshit," "She Ain't You," "Yeah 3x," and "Wet the Bed."

In the post, McCall referenced "Deuces" while informing his 15,000 Instagram followers he was "on to bigger and better things."

McCall also shared an audioless clip of another plaque.

For reasons unknown, the apparent feud between McCall and Brown has been reignited in recent days. 

Last year, Brown responded to a tweet from McCall requesting a face-to-face meeting to "handle this business" with an all-caps Instagram comment mocking McCall for getting label-dropped. "THE LABEL DROPPED YOU BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE A BETTER PRODUCER AND WRITER THAN THE N***A YOU ARE TODAY [sic]," Brown said. At the time, McCall tried to play off the ensuing press coverage as a fabricated beef.

At the time of this writing, Brown had issued zero responses to McCall's latest comments.