From an early age, Floridian rapper Denzel Curry had dreams of leaving his mark on hip-hop. He wanted to set himself apart from notable local rappers, like Rick Ross and Trick Daddy, and he's done just that. “I wasn’t like none of them dudes,” Curry says. "I wanted to do something different."

A product of Carol City, Curry credits his parents and brothers for making him hip to hip-hop. His folks played all types of music around the house, while he and his friends practiced freestyling non-stop. “My older brother, who passed away, he would come in the room and challenge me,” Curry recalls.

Along his journey to success, Curry faced his fair share of hardship. Aside from teachers and friends initially not taking his artistry seriously, Curry lost his brother shortly after turning 19 and almost lost his passion for music. He also couldn’t stand the politics that came with the industry. “[People’s] expectations are so high, and then when you don’t meet them, they leave you,” Curry explains. “There’s no loyalty in it.”

Still, Curry remained true to himself and his first love, and is now reaping the benefits of his dedication. The 22-year-old’s impressive discography—which includes three studio albums and two mixtapes that were met with rave reviews—landed him a coveted spot in XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class.

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To check out the story mode first-hand, pick up Madden NFL 18 today. And for more on Denzel Curry’s rise from Carol City to magazine covers, check out the video above.