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It's been a moderately big year for Big Sean. He dropped two solo albums (one was a collaboration with Metro Boomin), appeared on a number of high profile tracks, and seemed to be having a pretty solid 2017 just doing Big Sean things. To finish the year strong, though, he just splashed out and bought a $8.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills. The Mansion is cool and all, but what everyone is dying to know about is what will happen to the former owner's decor.

The mansion, which has seven bedrooms, a pool, a volleyball court, and home theater, was initially on the market for $11 million before Sean managed to grab it after the price had dropped a few million. The former owner of the mansion was none other than the legendary guitarist Slash, of Guns N' Roses fame, who is famously a huge fan of skulls. Sean, speaking with TMZ when the network caught him, in typical TMZ fashion, at LAX, said he wasn't looking to completely change the look of the mansion.

"I'ma definitely leave a couple [things]. It's too classic to take it all off," he told TMZ. "I'ma leave all the skulls in the recording studio." Of all the things to leave intact at the mansion, the skulls make the most sense, because they're the most Slash thing in the world besides silly hats, and maybe guitars. Big Sean has a better taste in hats than Slash does, but it seems they both share an appreciation for skulls.

It's unclear how many skulls are actually in the mansion, but we're betting there's a lot. Rumor has it that anywhere Slash goes, skulls follow. That could very well be unsubstantiated, but this kind of thing doesn't get made up out of thin air.