The only meme that's really mattered in 2017 is the 300-esque image of Travis Scott raising a mic stand above his head, rightfully declaring victory after another balls-to-the-wall live performance.

For anyone hesitant to utilize a meme without knowing its fascinating origin story, this one's for you. As noted by Travis Scott fan account @laflamescott, the fittingly blurry image comes from the video above, which sees Scott turning alllllll the way up with the audience before lifting the mic stand above his head and tossing it to the side in an appropriately dismissive way.

The screenshot, according to the holy KnowYourMeme bible, first appeared on Twitter thanks to a tweet from @bigracks.

Now that we're all on the same Spartan page, let's kick back and enjoy some of the finest uses of the Scott meme thus far:

The power of Scott compels you.


The meme does a pretty good job of capturing what my reaction will be when Scott and Quavo finally drop their long-teased collab project. Earlier this month, Quavo once again teased fans with another clip and urged us all to employ patience. "It's COMIN!!!!" he vowed. At one point, the two were sorting through as many as 20 tracks for the untitled project.

Scott is also busy prepping his AstroWorld album, which will be accompanied by a tour that's set to feature actual amusement park rides on each stop.