In the constantly changing music industry, having a diverse set of skills and side-hustles is now almost more important than ever to make sure your work really stands out. We're partnering with Alpha Industries to recognize some of the many multi-talented people in today’s high-powered music biz that seem to never miss a beat.

In an ever-shifting music industry, the most impactful figures include a fascinating mix of up-and-coming professionals and nimble veterans who work hard to change the game and promote the coolest artists and projects. Editors, journalists, A&Rs, managers, strategists, bookers, producers, publicists, and more often take on at least two of those roles in order to shape what music resonates most strongly with the rest of us. Recently, the people in the industry gaining the most recognition have proven that, in order to thrive in the music business, working on a diverse range of projects is a crucial part of becoming—and staying—successful and forward-thinking. This list highlights a few of the tastemakers adapting to a business that all but requires its power players to have many jobs in one—and how they make the industry their own in all the many things that they do.